Welcome Prospective Parents

Miramonte Christian School serves an ethnically and socially diverse student body. Our classrooms are open to any family committed to a solid and sound Christian educational learning experience for a child. For over 80 years our open-enrollment policy has brought together children from all walks of life, ethnic origin, and social status. As they learn together, play together, and pray together, children not only acquire an excellent education; they also learn core spiritual and moral values that will guide them through life.

We accept children between the ages of 5 and 14 years old. There are no specific academic entrance requirements; however, we base admission decisions on many factors, especially your child’s age and suitability for our program.

Please contact us regarding availability for your child, and to schedule your personal tour of our school. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide additional information about our educational programs.

Admissions Process

We know it’s not easy to select the right school for your child. Our admission process makes it easier!

1. Visit us at a guided tour of our school.

2. Observe one of our classrooms for 30 minutes to see how our instructors interact with our students. You’ll notice how well the children interact and self-direct their activities, sharing with others and learning at their own pace.

3. Submit your application. Once you decide to enroll your child, you’ll complete an application and submit your $150 non-refundable application fee.

Scholarships & Financial Assistance

The BASIC Fund 

The BASIC Fund provides scholarships on a first-come, first-served basis to families in financial need. The awards are based on household size and income and cover up to $2,000 of the tuition per child each school year. More information is available on this link:  program information flyer. To have the best chance of getting funding they strongly advise families to apply by a March 15th deadline, but BASIC Fund will accept applications up until July 31. Applications received after the March 15 deadline will be placed on a waitlist. You can download applications at

For information on the following, please please contact the Miramonte business office at 650-967-2783

  • FACTS Financial Aid Assessment Service –
  • Central California Conference (CCC) Education Endowment Fund
  • New Member Evangelism Fund
  • Three-way Matching Fund
  • CCC Minority Fund  for members of a Hispanic, Asian, or African American CCC church
  • Conference Faith Advance

Partnering for Eternity (PFE)  – Service, Mentorship, and Friendship   Miramonte Christian School, in partnership with Southern Adventist University’s PFE grant, has the opportunity to offer unique tuition assistance to our students. Through this service-oriented scholarship grant, our participating students are paired with adults in our community in a mutually-beneficial way.  Building inter-generational connections provides opportunities to receive Christ’s blessings of service, growth, and friendship. Students in the PFE grant, along with their parents, bring joy to the lives of older citizens through fun activities such as visiting, reading, and playing games. When appropriate, they may also provide light housework. As young people build generational bridges and learn the value of service, they also benefit from the wisdom and mentorship of older adults. In the process, their time together helps finance the student’s Christian education. If you would like more information, please submit the inquiry form and tell us that you want to learn more about the grant program.

Experience why our children are HAPPY to learn!

Have A Question?

We tried to think of everything, but if you have a question please let us know! We aim to respond to all inquiries quickly, with our office being open Monday to Friday, 8:00 am-6:00 pm.